Bright Blaze- Turmeric Face + Body Scrub

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Bright Blaze is our enriched turmeric face & body scrub that brightens the skin and helps with hyperpigmentation.  Our products include many natural and beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, Himalayan salt, Honey, Brown sugar, and much more healthy skin promoting oils. It comes with an applicator spatula; each product is made fresh in every order!

How to use: On a damp face, gently apply the Bright Blaze face mask. Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing for the best result. 

Ingredients: Turmeric, Honey, Brown sugar, Himalayan salt, Aloe vera powder, Extra Virgin Olive oil,  Grapeseed oil, Vitamin C serum, Vitamin E, Hemp seed oil,  Rosemary oil, and Lemon


Make sure to spot test on small areas such as the wrist before applying beauty and skin products. *Disclaimer: turmeric can stain*


2 oz bottle



*Each product is home/handmade, and since it is COVID-19 and we have to sanitize safely, it may take up to 5-14 business days to process orders before shipment. *

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